Bar Bite & Dinner Menu 2023



Beef Cho Cho 16


Rare beef skewers, soy-sake glaze. Finished at the table over a flaming hibachi


Salt & Pepper Calamari 19


Crispy calamari with wasabi aioli


Crispy Prawns 19


House marinated & breaded in Japanese breadcrumbs


Crab Rangoon 17


Crispy wontons filled with spiced crab and cream cheese


Vic’s Tuna Tataki 19


Seared yellowfin tuna, pickled white onion, serrano peppers, ponzu sauce


Polynesian Fried Chicken 17


Crispy boneless chicken thighs, gochujang chili glaze
Toasted sesame seed, scallions


Cauliflower “wings” (V) 18


Crispy cauliflower topped with garlic-ginger buffalo
Cilantro buttermilk ranch sauce


Vegetable Spring Rolls 12


Julienned vegetables in a crispy spring roll wrapper
Served with sweet chili sauce


Cantonese Shrimp Shumai 16


Handmade shrimp wontons, steamed over banana leaves, sesame
Thai chili soy dipping sauce





Wonton Soup 11


Shrimp & pork dumplings, bok choy fragrant chicken broth


Tomato & Avocado Salad 15


Thai basil, sliced red onion, crispy garlic, Javanese dressing


Trader Vic’s Salad 14


Mixed greens, heart of palm, artichoke Endive & our famous Javanese dressing

Asian Salad* 14


Mixed greens with endives, onion, cucumber, strawberries,
purple cabbage, wasabi peas, honey ginger dressing


Add to any salad

Seared Tuna 10

Shrimp 9

Chicken 7

Trader Vic’s Favorites


“All in” Fried Rice 29


Our signature rice blend with
Tender pieces of chicken, our famous char siu pork, shrimp
Together with ginger, garlic, egg, soy, green onion


Volcano Chicken* 28
or Shrimp 32


Bell pepper, zucchini, onions, hoisin chili sauce, jasmine rice


Curry Eggplant (V) 23


Thai basil, coconut, zucchini, onion, bell pepper, jasmine rice
Add Tofu $4, Chicken $9, Shrimp for $12

Imperial Beef 30


Wok-fried strips of tender beef, fresh ginger, onions
Baby bok choy, bell peppers, jasmine rice


Honey-Ginger Glazed MAhi Mahi 32


Grilled Mahi Mahi, served over our famous curry Singapore noodles


Teriyaki Grilled Pork Chop 32


Teriyaki marinated pork chop, orange miso sauce, mandarin, scallions
Stir fried bok choy, steamed rice

Trader Vic’s Kimchi Burger 20


Sesame bun, house pickles, Schweid & Sons 6oz burger patty
Vic’s Yum Yum secret sauce, fries


Oven Smoked Bacon Wrapped Scallops 42


Stir fried vegetables, Pad Thai noodles, teriyaki sauce


Oven smoked Teriyaki Glazed Salmon 34


Jasmine rice, stir fried asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, ponzu butter sauce


Oven Smoked BBQ Spare Ribs full rack 40/ half rack 32


Sugar cured & dipped in our signature BBQ glaze
Fries, Asain slaw


Oven Smoked Rack of Lamb 48/ half rack 36


Saffron potato mash, oven smoked vegetables, cilantro chutney

12oz NY Strip Steak 42
8oz Beef tenderloin 50
The Butcher’s Choice Beef Tomahawk Steak for 2 130

Stir fried asparagus, roasted Japanese sweet potatoes, ginger-scallion butter

Sides 11


Saffron Potato Mash


Singapore Style Curried Noodles


Hawaiian Vegetable Fried Rice


Wok-Stirred Asparagus


Roasted Jasmine Sweet Potatoes


Seasoned Potato Wedge Fries